Are You Planning A Casual Christmas Party At Your House?

Do you love to entertain? If so, you are more than likely already planning to host a small party at your house during the upcoming holidays. If you've decided to make it a casual affair, your guests will more than likely thank you for the fact that they don't have to dress up. They probably know that you'll be planning an event that will give them the opportunity to relax with close friends during a very busy time of the year. From planning a casual meal to choosing activities, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a casual Christmas party that will long be remembered.

The Meal - If you are wanting your party to be a relaxed and casual event, consider making your job as hostess an easy one, too. For example, instead of cooking for the event, consider arranging for food to be delivered. Do you know anybody who doesn't absolutely love pizza? Probably not. So, think about ordering customized pizzas for your Christmas party. Since it's an intimate gathering of just your closest friends, you could even contact them to find out what kind of pizza they like best, so you can make sure that's on the menu.

On the other hand, you might decide it would be easier to just order an assortment of pizzas. Your pizza delivery store will more than likely even customize pizzas so that half the pizza has one ingredient, say plain cheese, and the other half has cheese and mushrooms on it. Play it safe by ordering pepperoni pizzas and then add interest to the menu by ordering supreme pizzas that have lots of different veggies on them. 

The Activities - Remember that your friends are looking forward to a casual event. One idea is to just visit, but have a conversation starter to get things going. For instance, you could ask each person to give a favorite memory of Christmases they had as a child. Or, they could tell their favorite present Christmas tradition. Another idea is to just watch a movie together, something like Elf of Christmas With The Kranks. 

Or, go with something classic like Miracle On Twenty-third Street. In fact, you could have your pizza as you visit or as you watch the movie. Dessert could be hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Or, part of the activity might be having cookies ready and letting your guests do the decorating.

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