Bar-and-Grill-Inspired Special Event Menu Ideas

If you're hoping to create a party menu that will appeal to guests of all ages and backgrounds, you can't go wrong with one inspired by your favorite local bar and grill. A bar-and-grill-inspired menu is appropriate for almost any type of special event, from the most casual get-togethers to the swankiest soirees. Some ideas include adult birthday parties, college graduations, milestone anniversaries, class and family reunions, bridal and baby showers, holiday celebrations, and even elegant wedding receptions. 

One of the most convenient things about having a bar-and-grilled-themed event menu is that it is highly versatile, so you'll have no problem catering to all of your guests' dietary restrictions and preferences. For instance, you can easily adapt a dish or two to accommodate vegetarian and friends and family members.

Depending on your budget and how much time you have, you can either make the food yourself using your favorite bar and grill's menu as inspiration or have the eatery cater your party. You may also opt to hold the special event inside the establishment if they private space. Here are some bar-and-grill-inspired menu ideas to get you started:

1. Build-Your-Own Burger Bar

One of the simplest ways to please every on your guest list is by setting up a build-your-own burger bar, which is ideal for both lunch and dinner time events. Provide all of the basic elements, including buns and basic condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and pickles. 

You can also give your party-goers a choice of cheese and a variety of gourmet toppings, including roasted red peppers, balsamic-glazed red onions, prosciutto, guacamole, and a variety of homemade sauces. Arrange all of the fixings on a long buffet-style table and have guests create their own meals.

Accompany the burgers with traditional bar fares, such as french fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. Meat-free substitutions include veggie burgers and portobello mushroom caps. Mini burgers will also work if you'd rather serve finger foods and small plates. 

2. Appetizer-Themed Offerings 

If you're looking to serve a more casual type of meal, consider treating guests to a variety of appetizers and snacks typically found at bar and grill establishments. Some ideas include fully-loaded nachos that guests can create themselves, platters of fried foods such as chicken tenders and stuffed mushrooms, and quesadillas. Easy-to-eat options such as sliders and quesadillas will make it easy for party-goers to mix and mingle while they eat.