Tips For Holding A Special Event In A Dine-In Family Restaurant

If you're looking for an easy and convenient place to hold a special event, consider a dine-in family restaurant. Not only will it be appropriate for guests of all ages, but there are many added benefits and perks as well. 

You can hold almost any type of celebration or special occasion at a dine-in restaurant, including kids' and adults' birthday parties, holidays such as Christmas and Easter, corporate get-togethers, family reunions, bridal and baby showers, wedding receptions, and anniversary and graduation soirees. Since you'll be dining in, the venue is ideal year round, no matter what the weather is at the time.

If you have a large event, you may be able to reserve the entire restaurant, For smaller, more intimate gatherings, a private room or just a section of the eatery might be more appropriate. During popular times of the year, such as the holiday season or summer, book the venue as far in advance as possible. 

The first thing to consider when narrowing down a large list of restaurants from which to choose is what type of cuisine you want to serve your guests. You might also consider whether you want an elegant space or a more casual, relaxed atmosphere. 

Here are some additional tips for holding a special event in a dine-in family restaurant:

1. Food

After you've determined if you're holding a lunch or dinner party, work with the eatery's event team to pick out the best meal options. Some restaurants offer a prix fixe menu at a lower group rate if you're on a tight event budget. Another option is allowing each guest to order their own meal from the regular menu.

If you plan on serving a special dessert, such as cake, find out if the restaurant's kitchen can accommodate you. If not you, you may need to hire an off-site bakery or catering company to make it for you. 

2. Decorations 

No matter how nice the restaurant's interior is, you will want to add a few personal decor details to help you celebrate your special day. Some ideas include balloon arches, floral or candle table centerpieces, streamers or string lights around beams or poles, or framed pictures on each table. 

Clear any ideas with the restaurant staff prior to the event to make sure the decorations are approved. 

2. Audio/Visual Equipment 

If you plan on holding a presentation, such as a picture slideshow, you may need to rent audio/visual equipment from an event management company. Other options include microphones for making speeches and music equipment.