Four Things A Vacationing American Needs To Know About Authentic British Pubs In Canada

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If you have ever wanted to visit a British pub, but doubt you will travel to Great Britain any time in the future, the good news is that there are authentic British Pubs in most of the larger Canadian cities. However, not every pub that claims to be traditionally British is truly authentic. The following are four attributes of an authentic British pub. The food Traditional food served in a pub is meant to fill a person up, and not spicy or salty foods to generate more thirst in a patron. These dishes have been around for many generations, and every British person is familiar with them. Examples include kidney pie, Welsh Rarebit, Yorkshire pudding, and bangers and mash. The latter item is a term for sausages and mashed potatoes. Although you may find some more common foods on a menu, there should be a few traditional British pub items listed. No television screens This is perhaps the biggest difference between American bars, especially sports bars, and the traditional British pub. Traditional pubs have always been places where people meet and socialize. It was, and still is in many places in Great Britain, the equivalent of modern social media. Occasionally, you may come across a pub claiming to be authentic, but they have a television screen. This is simply a concession to modern society. However, there shouldn’t be several screens, so the pub looks like a sports bar. A real English pub will have no television screens at all. An important pub game Although pool is a staple for games found in American bars, the game of darts is the equivalent in British pubs. Not only will there be a dart board, but patrons will likely be playing a game while you’re there. An authentic pub experience includes the game of darts. The pub will have a lived-in look to it This can be a little tricky to replicate, because authentic British pubs are old. Once inside, you will notice that the chairs and tables have a well-worn look to them. The fixtures in the pub will also have an older look to them. When creating an authentic pub, the designers will at least try to keep the pub simple and cozy. There will be little to it that will seem modern. If you are an American on vacation in Canada, you may want to consider visiting an authentic British pub while you are there. Keep the above four ideas in mind, and you will likely find an establishment that will give you the experience of an authentic British brew...

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Guessing How Much Food Your Party Needs

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It’s always better to order too much food than not enough. You can always keep leftovers and if you do not have enough food, that can bring a halt to the party. But since you may not want to waste money on food, you should try to estimate how much food you will need as closely as possible. There are several questions you should ask when deciding on how much food you need.   Will Your Guests be Hungry? Begin by understanding how hungry your guests will be. The earlier in the day, the less likely that they will expect to be fed. Also, if there is a reason to believe that they will have already eaten, you may decide to order less. Should Your Guests Bring Food? Asking the guests to bring food can help minimize the risk that you won’t have enough, as long as they take their leftovers home. However, if you do not have enough space at the scene of the party or no way to refrigerate the food, you may not have this as an option. How Many Appetizers Do You Need? Appetizers can complicate how much food you should offer. If there is a lot of time between a party, you will need to offer more appetizers. But by filling up on appetizers, you will also want to make the meals smaller so guests that are full won’t have to throw away as much food. If you aren’t sure of how full your guests will be, set-up a buffet so it is easier to keep the leftovers. Also, make enough appetizers so that guests can snack on them after dinner. Also, try to guess which appetizers your guests will prefer, such as shellfish, and order more of these. How Well Will Your Food Keep? The more food you serve that keeps well, the less you will need to order a lot of food. For example, meat products tend to not last as long, while salted food will last longer. You may also be able to freeze some of your dishes, such as soup, to be thawed at a later date. Will You Serve Alcohol? If you are not serving alcohol, you will likely need about four gallons for every 25 guests. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, expect to serve one ½ drinks per guest every hour. Fortunately, most beverages that aren’t consumed can easily be kept for a later date. Should You Order More Food? While it is difficult to predict how much food you should order, there is fortunately always a backup. You can always order food from a food delivery service (such as Nitza’s Pizza – The Original pizza) so that you’ll never run...

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This Overnight Pizza Dough Recipe Tastes as Good as Delivery

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Are you tired of making homemade pizza that tasted underwhelming? The secret to a great pizza is a great crust, and many pizza restaurants are able to make crispy, flavorful crust because they let it rise overnight rather than for the hour or two that most homemade crust recipes specify. The next time you make homemade pizza, plan ahead and use this overnight dough recipe—you’ll be amazed at the results. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups water (115–120 degrees F) 3 1/2–4 cups bread flour 1/2 teaspoon active dry yeast 2 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon sugar Directions: In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine 1/2 cup of the water with the yeast and sugar. Let it sit for 5 minutes, or until the yeast is fully dissolved. Add 2 cups of flour and the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Mix on low until a soft dough forms, and then mix on medium speed for 1 minute. Slowly add an additional cup of flour to the bowl, and keep mixing until it is entirely incorporated. Switch your mixer to the dough hook attachment. Turn the speed to low and knead for 6 minutes, slowly adding the remaining 1/2–1 cup of flour to the bowl. Stop adding flour when the dough no longer appears to be sticking to the side of the bowl. The exact amount you’ll need will depend on the humidity that day. If you do not have a dough hook for your mixer, you can knead this dough by hand for 10 minutes, slowly adding the 1/2–1 cup of flour until the dough is no longer sticky. Place the finished dough in a greased, large bowl with plenty of extra space. Place the bowl in the fridge overnight for at least 12 and no more than 24 hours. Remove the bowl from the fridge about 2 hours before you’re ready to use the dough. Push the air out of the dough, and divide it into 3 to 4 balls, depending on the size of your pizzas. Let the dough balls rest and warm at room temperature for 1 hour, and then proceed making your pizzas as desired. Notes: The yeast measurement in this recipe (1/2 teaspoon) is correct. This is less than most pizza crust recipes call for, but since the dough is allowed to rise overnight, it’s all you need. When you remove the dough from the refrigerator and punch it down, it may have a bit of a shimmery, sleek look. This is normal—it does not mean your dough has spoiled or been contaminated. If you do not want to use all of this dough right away, you can wrap the rest in plastic wrap and freeze it until you’re ready to use it. Remove it from the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge about 12 hours before it’s needed. If you want pizza tonight, save this recipe for later and find a restaurant like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza to satisfy your...

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How To Eat Healthier At A Mexican Restaurant

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Mexican restaurants serve lots of delicious food, and it an be very easy to overindulge. However, this is also a very easy way to put on weight, especially if you find yourself eating at that Mexican restaurant several times a week. Here are some tips for making your Mexican food splurge less damaging to your diet and to your body. 1. Lay Off the Sour Cream The first step is to avoid using anything but the smallest amounts of sour cream. If you look at the menu and see that sour cream is included, consider asking it to be put on the side, rather than in the dish itself. If you are worried that you are going to eat too much sour cream, you can either commit to putting a little bit on your fork and spreading it through your food every time you need sour cream, which will result in you eating less of it, or you can simply ask that it’s not included with your meal if you are afraid that you are going to eat too much. Sour cream is one of the most fat-filled options on the menu. Try to minimize the amount that you eat. 2. Know the Portion Size Mexican restaurants tend to serve huge portions, along with chips and salsa before the meal is even brought to your table. In order to keep the amount of calories that you eat for that meal in check, see if anyone wants to split a plate of quesadillas or enchiladas. If nobody is willing, see if the restaurant will allow you to order off the cart. For example, if you want tacos and the taco plate includes five, ask your waiter or waitress if you can order just two or three off the cart. They will usually be able to oblige. 3. Don’t Get Anything Fried If you don’t know what something is, ask your waiter or waitress before you order it. You want to make sure that it isn’t fried or else you are going to be packing on calories that you don’t need. Chimichangas and gorditas are two examples of fried foods that you might not understand. 4. Get a Light Appetizer Because most restaurants offer a bottomless bowl of chips before they bring out your meal, it can be difficult to avoid eating them. One way to stop yourself is to order a filling, low-calorie appetizer like shrimp or a fruit bowl. This will allow you to eat with everyone else but keep the calories to a minimum. For more information, talk to your waiter or waitress about low calorie options that they offer. Trying different types of restaurants, such as OJ’s Steak & Pizza, may also be an option to...

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Three Tips For Taking Your Elderly Grandparent Out To Dinner

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Taking your grandparent out to dinner can be a great way for the two of you to experience some quality time together. However, dining out does present a few challenges for older adults. To ensure the experience is a positive one for the both of you, follow these tips to work around and avoid these challenges. Choose a restaurant where you won’t have to wait long, or make a reservation. Waiting for a table can be difficult for an older adult, especially if there is not a clear seating area for guests to wait for a table. To avoid this issue, either choose a restaurant where you know there will not be a wait, choose one that you know has a comfortable waiting area, or call to make a reservation. If you call to make a reservation,  tell the person who you speak with that you’re coming with an older adult who may have trouble standing to wait for a table. Most professional restaurants, such as Athens Restaurant, will be happy to accommodate you by making sure your table is definitely ready on time. Talk with your grandparent about what he or she would like to order before the server comes around. Many grandparents may struggle to read the small print on menus, but they won’t want to admit they’re having difficulties. This might lead to them hemming and hawing, or ordering something that they don’t even want, when the server comes to take their order. Avoid this situation by asking your grandparent what he or she plans to order before the server comes around. If your grandparent seems uncertain, you can suggest a few items on the menu that you think that he or she may like, or otherwise help clarify the order before it’s time to place it with the server. Plan on spending longer at the restaurant than you would if dining with younger adults. Dining with your grandparent is likely to take longer than dining with younger adults for several reasons. First, your grandparent will likely want to chat and catch up, and this will slow the pace of the meal. Second, elderly people tend to complete tasks like reading a menu, ordering, and getting up to use the restroom more slowly than young people. To ensure you’re not having to rush out of the restaurant at the last minute, plan your meal with your grandparent on a day when you have plenty of time to spare. Clear your calendar for a few hours after your meal, just in case it takes longer than...

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Vegetarian? Three Ways To Make Dining Out With Meat Eaters Less Awkward

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When you follow a vegetarian diet, dining out with your non-vegetarian friends and family members can get a bit uncomfortable. People might ask questions about your diet, and even worse, try to persuade you to go back to eating meat. For this reason, many vegetarians avoid dining out with their meat-eating friends altogether. However, it does not have to be this way! With these tips, you can make dining with your meat-eating friends less awkward. Invite them to a vegetarian restaurant. If part of the awkwardness of dining with your meat-eating friend stems from your unease when watching them eat meat, suggest a vegetarian restaurant for all of you to attend. This way, you do not have to watch them eat meat, and they do not have to feel uncomfortable ordering meat with you there. With any luck, your friends will discover how delicious vegetarian meals really can be, and they will be more accepting of your lifestyle in the future. Don’t call attention to your diet. If going to a strictly vegetarian restaurant is not an option, you can still enjoy yourself at a traditional restaurant like A Taste Of Saigon. The experience will be more pleasant if you call as little attention to your dietary preferences as possible. Some strategies for doing this include: Order a dish that is already vegetarian, rather than ordering one that is typically made with meat and requesting that the meat is left off. If your friends’ meat dishes make you feel a bit queasy, simply look away and focus on the fun conversation and camaraderie you’re having that evening, rather than complaining. Come prepared with other topics to discuss, so that if your diet comes up in conversation in an uncomfortable way, you can divert to a topic you would rather discuss. If someone does ask about your diet, don’t automatically become defensive. Some vegetarians become so accustomed to being questioned and made fun of that they automatically assume the worst when someone brings up their diet. If you truly don’t want to discuss your diet at all, then follow the advice above and divert to a different topic. Consider the possibility, however, that one of your friends may be bringing up the topic of your diet because he or she is curious and wants to learn more. If you think this may be the case, feel free to offer some light talk about your diet. Tell your friends why you eat vegetarian, some of the benefits you’ve experienced, and about the foods you love. Be careful to frame these issues in a positive light. For instance, instead of saying “I am a vegetarian because I think eating meat is wrong,” which can insult your friends who eat meat, say something to the effect of “I am a vegetarian because eating this way saves animal lives.” This phrasing focuses on what you’re accomplishing, rather than passing blame. As a vegetarian, getting used to dining out with others can be tough. By choosing vegetarian restaurants when possible, not calling too much attention to your diet, and not getting defensive when it’s not warranted, you can make the experience go more...

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Three Tips To Help You Avoid Over-Eating At A Buffet

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Buffets can spell trouble when you’re on a diet or trying to keep your portion sizes under control–it can be much easier to go to restaurants like The Thai D’or Restaurant where you just order one dish. However, you don’t have to cringe and run in the other direction if your friends invite you to eat at a buffet with them. With these three tips, you can enjoy the buffet experience without overdoing it and blowing your diet. Tip #1: Ask if there’s a one-plate option. The default choice at most buffets is all-you-can-eat, but some buffets offer a one-plate option. If you order this option, you generally pay a lower price than you would pay for all-you-can-eat, but you can only fill your plate up one time. This is a perfect strategy for keeping your intake under control. You’ll be a lot less tempted to eat more food than you need, since the servers will likely be watching you to ensure you stick to your one-plate limit. If you do not see a one-plate option on the restaurant’s menu, still ask if they offer it. Some may offer this option but not post it, as they want to entice guests into buying the more expensive, all-you-can-eat option. Tip #2: Start with a big salad. Starting with a salad helps you to avoid over-eating in several ways. First, it fills you up with low-calorie, high-fiber food, so you don’t have as much room left to indulge in the less healthy options. Second, it takes a lot of time to eat, so you are not left sitting there, empty handed, as your friends continue to eat. Pay close attention to what you put on your salad, because if you load it up high with ingredients like bacon and cheese, it won’t be a healthy, low-calorie choice at all. Stick with just vegetables, some meat for protein, and a low-fat dressing. Tip #3: Don’t even walk by the stations with foods you’re likely to over-indulge in. A lot of dieters make the mistake of thinking they’ll have just a little of that tempting cake or fatty pasta dish. However, at a buffet, just a little quickly turns into seconds and thirds. You’re better off avoiding the stations that include the foods you find most tempting altogether. When attending a buffet with your friends, make sure they know you’re trying to limit your portion sizes. This way, they’ll be more likely to be supportive of your decision to stick with one plate, eat a lot of salad, and avoid certain stations, rather than questioning why you’re behaving this...

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