Four Things A Vacationing American Needs To Know About Authentic British Pubs In Canada

If you have ever wanted to visit a British pub, but doubt you will travel to Great Britain any time in the future, the good news is that there are authentic British Pubs in most of the larger Canadian cities. However, not every pub that claims to be traditionally British is truly authentic. The following are four attributes of an authentic British pub.

The food

Traditional food served in a pub is meant to fill a person up, and not spicy or salty foods to generate more thirst in a patron. These dishes have been around for many generations, and every British person is familiar with them. Examples include kidney pie, Welsh Rarebit, Yorkshire pudding, and bangers and mash. The latter item is a term for sausages and mashed potatoes. Although you may find some more common foods on a menu, there should be a few traditional British pub items listed.

No television screens

This is perhaps the biggest difference between American bars, especially sports bars, and the traditional British pub. Traditional pubs have always been places where people meet and socialize. It was, and still is in many places in Great Britain, the equivalent of modern social media. Occasionally, you may come across a pub claiming to be authentic, but they have a television screen. This is simply a concession to modern society. However, there shouldn't be several screens, so the pub looks like a sports bar. A real English pub will have no television screens at all.

An important pub game

Although pool is a staple for games found in American bars, the game of darts is the equivalent in British pubs. Not only will there be a dart board, but patrons will likely be playing a game while you're there. An authentic pub experience includes the game of darts.

The pub will have a lived-in look to it

This can be a little tricky to replicate, because authentic British pubs are old. Once inside, you will notice that the chairs and tables have a well-worn look to them. The fixtures in the pub will also have an older look to them. When creating an authentic pub, the designers will at least try to keep the pub simple and cozy. There will be little to it that will seem modern.

If you are an American on vacation in Canada, you may want to consider visiting an authentic British pub while you are there. Keep the above four ideas in mind, and you will likely find an establishment that will give you the experience of an authentic British brew pub.