2 Tips For Making Thicker Milkshakes At Your Restaurant

If you own and operate a restaurant, you may offer milkshakes on your menu. However, you may also notice that they do not always have the thick, rich consistency that your customers desire. If so, use the following tips for making thicker milkshakes at your restaurant:

Add Milk a Little at a Time

The purpose of milk in a shake is to help soften the ice cream enough to mix in the ingredients and whip it into a light, creamy consistency. Since the milk is not the main ingredient in the milkshake, it should be used sparingly. If not, the shake will be thin and lose some of its flavor.

After adding the ice cream to the metal cup, pour only a small amount of milk into the container. You may want to start with about a teaspoon. Then, after whipping the two ingredients together for a few seconds, check the consistency of the shake. If it appears smooth, do not add any more milk.

However, if the ice cream does not have a creamy consistency, you can either wait a minute to let the ice cream melt a little more or add another teaspoon of milk. Whichever you choose, whip the ingredients for another few seconds, then check the smoothness of the mixture. 

Pour the Milkshake into Frozen Glasses

Even if the milkshake is thick and smooth when you are finished making it, you still need to make sure that it stays thick on its way to the customer's table. If you do not properly prepare and present the milkshake, your customer may end up with a thin, sloppy mess.

One of the reasons why your customers may complain about a thin milkshake is that it melts before it has a chance to reach them. Besides stressing to your waitstaff the importance of prompt delivery of the shake, you can also better prepare the shake.

As soon as you are finished mixing the milkshake, pour it into a frozen glass. You can keep the glasses in a freezer next to your milkshake machine to better organize the station. 

Once the milkshake fills the glass, the cold sides will refreeze the shake touching them. This instant freeze keeps the rest of the milkshake colder, making it less likely to melt and more likely to stay thick for your customers.

Using the above tips can help you create thick, creamy milkshakes your customer will enjoy. However, if you still have problems making shakes that consistently come out right every time, you may need new milkshake machines. If so, contact your restaurant supplier to discuss what models that have available, as well as ask for recommendations on which one is right for your restaurant.