Choosing A Restaurant For A Romantic Date

When you picture a romantic date, it often starts with dinner in a nice restaurant. If you want to treat your date to a special night, then the first step is picking the restaurant where you'll dine together and engage in great conversation. But which restaurant should you choose? Here are a few tips to guide you as you make your choice.

1. Look for a place with a subdued ambiance.

A steakhouse with a bustling atmosphere and colorful decor might be a fun place to go with friends, but it's not the most romantic choice. Look instead for a restaurant with dimmer lighting, quiet booths, and a more upscale mood. Candles on the table are a good sign, as are fresh flowers. If you are having trouble getting a sense for a restaurant's ambiance by looking at pictures online, visit in person. It's totally acceptable to walk in, take a look around, and see what you think before booking a reservation.

2. Make sure the menu fits into your budget.

There's nothing more embarrassing than sitting down to dinner and realizing that everything on the menu is way outside of your price range. You'll be on edge all evening hoping that your date does not order too much and wondering how you will split the bill. So, take a good look at the menu before making reservations. Not every romantic restaurant is expensive. If the local, romantic steakhouse is a bit outside of your price range, look for a nice, upscale cafe or an Asian bistro. This style of restaurant tends to have a romantic appeal but lower prices.

3. Ask what your date likes to eat.

Dinner in a sushi restaurant may seem romantic to you, but what if your date does not like sushi? If you want to surprise your date with your restaurant choice, that's totally okay. But first, ask if there are any foods they dislike. If they do not like seafood, for instance, you should steer clear of the Asian sushi bar. If they are a vegetarian, make sure the restaurant you pick offers some suitable vegetarian options beyond simple salads.

Follow the advice above, and you and your date will have a lovely time on your romantic date. If you have a good experience at a certain restaurant, you may want to make it a go-to option for your anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations. For more information, contact a company like Boudro's Texas Bistro.