Cuban Restaurants Offer You Tasty Cuban Foods

If you are a lover of Cuban restaurant food and a connoisseur of meat as well, you'll be happy to know that Cuban restaurant foods historically feature meat-based menus that fulfill your yearning for exquisite-tasting food. Your chef is always delighted to fix a different form of meal preparation for you. Consequently, you can expect to be eating food that relies heavily on satisfying your culinary needs. Cuban meals are big and piled on, but leave enough room for a tasty Cuban dessert.

Habanera Beef Meat Mince Meal

You just have to one day choose Cuban cuisine's habanera beef meat mince. The beef is marinated with a mix of sour orange, garlic, cumin, tomato puree, red pepper and fried potatoes. Before the marinated mix is applied though, a pre-mix of olives and raisins is added to the meat. You can well imagine how tasty this mince meat meal must be as it sits upon a bed of rice. Check online to see whether the restaurant you've chosen serves up this classic meal.


Meat is the makeup of tamales. Cuban chefs mix the meat into dough to form their brand of tamales. They also sometimes use fresh field corn when it's available to make tamales. The corn kernels are shaved off and mixed in with the dough. If fresh corn off the stalk is unavailable, then the chefs use sweet corn. Masa flour used for the dough cuts down on the sweetness of sweet corn, which makes tamales a healthy meal. Ask the waiter who takes your order if flecks of meat are used in tamales instead of large pieces of meat. Die-hard diners say that the best tamales are made with flecks of meat.

Cuban Goat Meat Chilindron

Cuban Chilindron is a meal that is arguably to die for. The goat meat is washed thoroughly with sour orange juice before spices, tomato puree, and salt is added. It's tastier when cooked in cooking wine, but wine connoisseurs say it can be cooked in dry wine too. Your chef will cook it in your choice of wine. You can even have it cooked in beer. You can choose to have fried plantains and rice with this meal. The latter is a staple of Cuban cooking.

A Stew

There is the Cuban national dish called Ropa vieja. This food is a stew consisting of beef chunks. The chunks of beef are cooked on a low setting until the chunks shred. The meal is served with tasty-cooked onions and tomatoes and anything else you may want with the meal. It's a big meal just like other Cuban meals.


You have a choice of many tasty desserts. Check out their Cuban rice pudding, which is a popular choice. You can choose an egg custard. There is a sponge cake with guava jelly filling or other guava pastries. 

For more information, get in touch with a Cuban restaurant near you.