Providing Food For Your Next Business Event Or Meeting

The catering that you provide for the guests that are attending your business meeting or event can be an integral part of providing a strong impression to potential clients and investors. However, there are some unique considerations and needs that can differentiate the needs of business catering from other types of events.

Keep The Foods Easy To Eat

A key factor in making your business catering a success will be keeping the foods as easy to eat as possible. Individuals that are attending your business event are likely to be wearing nice or high-end clothing, and serving foods that are difficult to eat may make it more likely for them to spill food on themselves. In addition to choosing foods that are inherently easy to eat, you should also provide high-quality utensils and napkins, as this will make it much easier for the guests to eat their meals without making a mess.

Factor Whether Work Will Occur During Meal Time

It is common for business meetings to have food catered so that those attending will be able to continue working during their meal break. If this is the plan for your event, it can be useful to let the catering service know. By providing the caterers with advanced notice, they will be able to prepare a menu that can avoid foods that will make those attending feel sleepy and sluggish after eating. Furthermore, timing the serving of the food will be important for providing guests with the food that is hot and fresh without negatively impacting the meeting. Catering services that have experience with serving business meetings and events will have the expertise to better coordinate with their clients to ensure the food is served in a way that avoids unnecessary disruption or delays.

Consider Potential Allergies

Whenever you are preparing a menu for an event for a large group, there is a need to account for the potential risk of individuals with food allergies. To help these individuals avoid accidentally eating foods that will trigger a reaction, there are some precautions that can be taken. In addition to labeling the foods that contain common allergens, you should also provide a menu that contains at least a few extremely basic dishes, such as a salad or plain meat, so that individuals with food allergies will still be able to find something that they can eat during the event. An experienced catering service will be able to help you with crafting a menu that can minimize common allergens while providing options for other frequent dietary restrictions.

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