Bar-and-Grill-Inspired Special Event Menu Ideas

If you're hoping to create a party menu that will appeal to guests of all ages and backgrounds, you can't go wrong with one inspired by your favorite local bar and grill. A bar-and-grill-inspired menu is appropriate for almost any type of special event, from the most casual get-togethers to the swankiest soirees. Some ideas include adult birthday parties, college graduations, milestone anniversaries, class and family reunions, bridal and baby showers, holiday celebrations, and even elegant wedding receptions. Read More 

3 Things To Check When Purchasing A Used Bakery Mixer

Bakery mixers don't come cheap! You can save significantly if you are able to buy a used mixer, but only if that used mixer is in good condition. It's important to carefully inspect a used mixer before you agree to buy it. Here are the three main things you need to check for. Are all the welds in good condition? Bakery mixers undergo a lot of vibration as they work, especially if the bakery floor is not quite even, causing the mixer to rock back and forth a bit. Read More 

6 Haitian Foods You Have Got To Try

If you have not yet tasted Haitian food, you're really missing out. It's delicious and there are a lot of unique dishes to choose from. If you want to experience this kind of food, it's a good idea to check and see if there are any Haitian food restaurants in your local community. You can support a local business and get a great meal in the process. Here are some Haitian foods that you have got to try:  Read More 

Top Reasons To Eat At A Diner

Going out to eat for a meal is almost always more fun than cooking at home, and as an added bonus, there are no dishes to wash afterwards. Most cities have numerous restaurants to choose from, so when you want to dine out, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and make a decision. If you want a good meal in a fun environment, you can't go wrong by eating at a diner. Read More 

Providing Food For Your Next Business Event Or Meeting

The catering that you provide for the guests that are attending your business meeting or event can be an integral part of providing a strong impression to potential clients and investors. However, there are some unique considerations and needs that can differentiate the needs of business catering from other types of events. Keep The Foods Easy To Eat A key factor in making your business catering a success will be keeping the foods as easy to eat as possible. Read More