Guessing How Much Food Your Party Needs

It's always better to order too much food than not enough. You can always keep leftovers and if you do not have enough food, that can bring a halt to the party. But since you may not want to waste money on food, you should try to estimate how much food you will need as closely as possible. There are several questions you should ask when deciding on how much food you need. Read More 

This Overnight Pizza Dough Recipe Tastes as Good as Delivery

Are you tired of making homemade pizza that tasted underwhelming? The secret to a great pizza is a great crust, and many pizza restaurants are able to make crispy, flavorful crust because they let it rise overnight rather than for the hour or two that most homemade crust recipes specify. The next time you make homemade pizza, plan ahead and use this overnight dough recipe—you'll be amazed at the results. Read More 

How To Eat Healthier At A Mexican Restaurant

Mexican restaurants serve lots of delicious food, and it an be very easy to overindulge. However, this is also a very easy way to put on weight, especially if you find yourself eating at that Mexican restaurant several times a week. Here are some tips for making your Mexican food splurge less damaging to your diet and to your body. 1. Lay Off the Sour Cream The first step is to avoid using anything but the smallest amounts of sour cream. Read More 

Three Tips For Taking Your Elderly Grandparent Out To Dinner

Taking your grandparent out to dinner can be a great way for the two of you to experience some quality time together. However, dining out does present a few challenges for older adults. To ensure the experience is a positive one for the both of you, follow these tips to work around and avoid these challenges. Choose a restaurant where you won't have to wait long, or make a reservation. Read More 

Vegetarian? Three Ways To Make Dining Out With Meat Eaters Less Awkward

When you follow a vegetarian diet, dining out with your non-vegetarian friends and family members can get a bit uncomfortable. People might ask questions about your diet, and even worse, try to persuade you to go back to eating meat. For this reason, many vegetarians avoid dining out with their meat-eating friends altogether. However, it does not have to be this way! With these tips, you can make dining with your meat-eating friends less awkward. Read More